Used Tire Quality: Our Custom Rating Scale

Because not having quality tires on your car, trucks, SUV or van can be dangerous, it is very critical to be mindful of rubber conditions and to look at tread wear. This is extra important with used tires. Because of this we have setup or own grading system at AZ Cheap tires to ensure you know what you are paying for.

We set the floor at 70% tread remaining to ensure the safety of you and your family. Tires that have anywhere from 70-79% tread left on them get a rating of C. C type tires are the least expensive and are typically priced between $45 to $95 per tire depending on the brand and type. B type tires have between 80 and 89% tread remaining and cost between $65 and $115. Lastly, A type tires are the highest quality and can range from 90% to almost brand new. These tires are labeled anywhere from as low as $75 to $150.



Our Most Popular Used Tires

Our Tire Selection
Displayed below are a few of our most popular tire brand and size combinations.

*Please note the tires pictured below may vary slightly as each set is a one of a kind.

Used Uniroyal Tires

215/70R16 Uniroyal Tiger Paw

Per Tire Price Only $65

Used Goodyear Tires

245/65R17 Goodyear Fortera

Per Tire Price Only $70

Used Michelin Tires

265/65R17 Michelin Cross Terrain

Per Tire Price Only $65

Used Hankook Tires

235/70R17 Hankook Dynapros AS

Per Tire Price Only $75

Used Dunlop Tires

225/60R17 Dunlop SP 4000T DSST

Per Tire Price Only $85

Used Definity Tires

265/70R17 Definity Dakota HT

Per Tire Price Only $60

Used Kumho Tires

245/45R19 Kumho ECSTA Spt

Per Tire Price Only $75

Used Yokohama Tires

225/65R17 Yokohama G91

Per Tire Price Only $60

Used Firstone Tires

225/65R17 Firestone Destination LE

Per Tire Price Only $80

Used Ameritrac Tires

255/70R17 Ameritrac TR General

Per Tire Price Only $70

Used Toyo Tires

275/70R17 Toyo H/T Open Country

Per Tire Price Only $65

Used Bridgestone Tires

225/40R18 Bridgestone Potenza

Per Tire Price Only $75

Used General Tires

275/45R20 General Grabber UHP

Per Tire Price Only $80

Used Continental Tires

255/65R17 Continental Contitrac

Per Tire Price Only $65


Website Disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the customer to understand the local laws and statues that govern the minimum amount of tire tread mandatory to drive a motor vehicle legally on public city streets. In the state of Arizona the smallest amount of tread is 2/32 inch and we will not mount or balance any tires that are at or below this bottom tread depth.

We will not sell, purchase or mount any tires that are below at or near the minimum tread depth for the state of Arizona. We also ensure a strict used tire quality policy on all used tires we sell. Thank you for shopping with us!

Used Tires

Please see our ratings guide above for how we rate and grade tires as well as how we ensure the rubber on your vehicle will keep you and your family safe. Regardless of the steps and precautions we take, it is still the consumer's and driver's responsibility to understand the law and only operate tires that meet legal requirements. We do not accept liability for any damages or injuries that should arise from the operation of unsafe tires or ones that do not meet the requirements as outlined by city and state law.

Thank you for visiting, shopping with us and for your continued business!